Friday, May 9, 2008

Clarence unplugged with Marians - A memorable musical tribute

Last sunday Thushari and myself were able to spend two hours filled with fantastic rhythm at BMICH. It was 'Clarence unplugged' concert, yes! it was truly unplugged. Marians, one of the leading bands on the Sri Lankan musical scene went unplugged with more than 30 songs originally sung by great musician, Clarence Wijewardana. It was truly an unforgettable moment.
Marians made sure to maintain the original quality of songs by using acoustic guitars, jazz drums, melodica etc.
They played some nice songs of Clarence which are not frequently heard, eg:- kiri sude sele, namal aye

‘Clarence’ songs are touchy and simple. Most of them were composed using 3 chord patterns. The acoustic guitarists of Marians band nicely strummed and finger-picked to improve the beauty of original songs. You should be able to watch the whole concert since they are planning to do a DVD release soon

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