Saturday, October 11, 2008

Ma sanasa ma nalawa - My all time favourite

Withak madu pera genella
Suran rawatala...
esak igi mara regum pa muwata ya kala....

hmm.. What a nice song of great musician, Mervin Perera. This is my all time favorite.
You can find 100% correct guitar chords of this song from here

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rav said...

What a coincident  this song keeps tickling my heart for so long, if I’m correct since the death of Mr mervine perera SLBC used to broadcast this song very often,
So I googled the song to download it, wow what surprise me ending up here and saw your comment “SAME” I was talking to my mind…..
specially the quoted verses is my best, and this is all-time favorite “What a song”