Saturday, July 18, 2009

Dr. Ajith Rajapaksha..Sir you made our dream true!

As most of us know, we face a lot of obstacles when we go through the journey called life. We laugh at times, enjoy.. At times we cry, remain sombre, feel sad about the things happening around us. In 2007, after 2 years of being married, My wife, Thushari got pregnant. We were so anxious about that and consulted high profile doctors in Sri lanka.
However, we were so unlucky.. My wife had miscarriage after 3 months. We felt lost in life and could not understand what to do. Cried. Had sleepless nights. :( :(
After 3 months of miscarriage, one of my close friends asked me to meet a consultant doctor at Asiri hospital. I had not known the doctor but during the first visit, we were really impressed about him. He was extremely patient. Listened to us with care. Without any doubts, we decided to continue consulting him. He is the consultant gynacologist Dr. Ajith Rajapaksha

Dr. Ajith Rajapaksha is a very well organized person. He started with inspecting both of us, went through some important initial tests to make sure our health conditions are satisfactory. After about 9 months of consultation and proper guidance of him, my wife got pregnant again.
During the preganancy, Dr. Ajith Rajhapaksha provided us a consultation plan which included some periodic scans. At every appointment he reiterated that if my wife felt like something was wrong. Though he was running an extremely busy schedule, he listened to us and answered to our dumb questions.

In 2009 May, we were blessed with a baby boy making our dream come true.
Dr. Ajith Rajapaksha.. Dear Sir.. You are one of the greatest persons I have ever met in my life. You are truly a god. We want to thank you so much for everything. We are so proud and happy that you were the one who helped us bring our child into the world. you always made us feel comfortable that things were going to be great. We cannot thank you enough, and you will remain in our hearts forever.


Priyadarshana said...

Cluld you please send me the places where Dr. Ajith Rajapaksha consults?

All the best you all including the new guest, your kid...

Charitha said...

Sorry for the late reply. Dr AR can be consulted at Asiri hospital.

Charitha said...

Sorry for the late reply. Dr AR can be consulted at Asiri hospital.

Dhanushka Gunasinghe's Hard Code said...

I also visit Dr. Ajith Rajaapaksha these days..he is extremely good gynecologist i ever seen....He is very timely man, he used technology very effective manner.....I highly recommended Dr. Ajith

Ellen said...


I'm very happy for you. Congrats.

I also have a story to tell.

I became pregnant after 10 yrs.
My husband had Azoospermia so i was unable to get pregnant.

But after taking Ayurveda medicine his sperm count increased.

I would like to share my story too. I would like every one suffering from male infertility to know that Ayurveda medicine can help them.

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Charitha said...

Congratulations!! It is a great achievement.. and thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts which will surely help thousands of individuals who are suffering from infertility.

ayesha said...
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